15 szobrászati mestermű, amelyek mellett nem tudsz szó nélkül elmenni

A modern szobrászat nagyon különbözik a klasszikus szobrászat szabályaitól és gyakorlatától. Változatosabb, bonyolultabb és merészebb.

Összeállítottuk a legmodernebb szobrászati ​​darabokat, amelyek teljesen elkápráztatnak.

“Not Enough Brains to Survive,” Franciaország


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“Saraband,” Svájc

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“Digital Orca,” Kanada

Douglas Coupland #douglascoupland #sculpture #sculptor

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“Blind Alley,” Dél-Korea

“Another Place,” Anglia

Another Place by Antony Gormley #art #sculpture #f4f

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“Support,” Olaszország

Yes!…so happy to say mission accomplished. SUPPORT in Venice to support this wonder of city that is threatened by climate change. I hope my art brings a new focus of attention to a global calamity that we are faced with. A big thank you to the city of Venice and to his Mayor Luigi Brugnaro for believing in this installation from the beginning, to Ca' Sagredo hotel represented by Lorenza Lain (the force of Nature) to C and C architectural Studio, Fulvio Caputo, Marco Zanon, Ufficine delle Zattere, Luisa Flora, Tecmolde, Julio and Irene Luzan and the entire team, She Digital, Grupoo Orseolo with Rein srl and the Gondolieri of Venice. To my super team in Spain at Quinn Creations To my family, my wife and especially my son Anthony for letting me use his hands, and of course to @halcyongallery , representanted by Paul Green, Udi Sheleg and assisted by Shani, Helga and all in the gallery, because without their continued organizational, moral, artistic and financial 'support' none of this could have happened. #biennale2017venezia #biennale2017 #lorenzoquinn #lorenzoquinnartist #venezia #halcyongallery #support #supportart #climatechange @awesome.earth

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“The Owl Uhlu,” Karoo

"The earth has music for those who listen." –William Shakespeare

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“Earth Angel”

“The Kelpies,” Skócia


“The Awakening,” Olaszország

“Roots of Fire”

Roots of fire /2013

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“Coral,” Ausztrália


“The Pedestal”