Egy amerikai fényképész két egymástól független fotót egyesít, és az eredmény a kreativitás legjobbika

Stephen McMennamy amerikai fotográfus meglepően érdekes képeket készít. Két olyan fotót kombinál, amelyeknek semmi közük sincs egymáshoz, mint például a fejhallgató és a fánkok közös képe, amely teljesen harmonikusnak tűnik. Ez teszi a képeket annyira szórakoztatóvá és érdekessé.

Összegyűjtöttük a 18 legérdekesebb munkáját, és most megosztjuk veletek.

1. Őszibarack

2. Úgy néz ki, mintha a híd zenélni tudna.

3. Donald Trump és Angela Merkel találkozása

4. Szeretnél egy banánhajót?

5. Azt hiszem, a gofrik fogják nyerni ezt a kört…

6. Piros rózsa és rozé

7. Egy ilyen hajszoknyával kitűnhetsz a tömegből.

8. Ki ne szeretne egy virágos esernyőt?

flower + umbrella WARNING: buckle up, there's a lot of words below. It's April showers season, so here's a spring inspired #combophoto, which my daughter's were gracious enough to pitch in and help on. I'm sure I've subjected them to worse modeling scenarios, but the little one definitely stepped up and made it happen… and the older one got behind the camera so I didn't have to act like a contortionist for once. asking either of my kids to stand frozen for longer than a second is no easy task (especially right before bed), but my youngest was hell bent on making sure we got the shot… and I love that. this started with a handful of test shots a few weeks ago (which I'll put up on @combophotofail (and a hand holding the flower version which lost in a vote)), but we took our sweet ass time tweaking it until we finally landed here. The combined images were taken at dusk on blue sky days, but with the help of a garden hose and some heavy shade we were able to transform it into a rainy day. isla's outfit is courtesy of @target, but Target isn't involved in this post so when I say "courtesy", I mean they were courteous enough to stock those items so I could purchase them. a few other notes… I went through 128 individual flowers to land on the one you see above. It turns out flowers are far less symmetrical that I ever could've imagined. And in the spirit of bringing our seemingly divided world a little closer together, the bottom image was taken on my Sony A7r ii and the top image was taken on a Canon 5D mark III (thank you @joshdweiss). Sony + Canon… World peace doesn't happen overnight, but it's a step in the right direction. @lmcm2, enjoy your 128 pink and purple flowers ❤️.

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9. Ez a repülő milyen menő.

10. “Édes” zene

11. Hová viszi ezt az óriási gyümölcsöt?

12. Amikor a gyereked igazán szereti a zabpelyhet:

13. Tökéletesen egyenes lábak

14. Mi a titka ennek az autónak?

15. Egy hatalmas jégkrém, hmm.

16. Ha nem tudod, hogyan növessz nagy szakállat:

beard + pine straw this idea got buried way down at the bottom of the early days #combophoto pile. I photographed myself and the beard of pine straw back in April of 2014. I'd tried an edit that cut off most of my face, mainly because I wasn't sure of what was happening with my eyes. I shot this early in the morning and though I was mostly in shadow (laying on the ground), the sky was so bright I could hardly open my eyes. that said I guess I'm willing to overlook what wasn't working for me then, but apparently works for me now. or maybe I'm just being lazy? Last thing, and I hate to do this here, but I've been nominated for a Shorty Award and though it's awkward to ask for your vote… could you guys vote for me… and stuff? Okay, there's a handy dandy link in my bio. Thank you.

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17. Hová mennek ezek az ujjak?

18. Most már tudom, hogyan készül a járda.

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